Scandal in the House of Lords

A couple of weeks ago it was revealed that £2.3million of taxpayer’s money has been squandered in order to provide budget meals for the privileged the thieves in the House of Lords. Few people were surprised by this – many haven’t batted an eyelid as this sort of thing is nothing new anymore. It is almost as if the British public expect this of our corrupt overlords and are more than happy to sit back and allow this. Simply put, we do not need this dysfunctional set of far removed, overpaid thieves making crucial decisions on the laws that govern every one of us.

Around £2.3million a year is being used to subsidise restaurants, bars and cafes for members of the House of Lords and this vast sum is coming straight from our pockets. This works out at over £60k a week which is £84 for each individual peer. £300 a day is given to each Lord on top of this which is supposed to cover the food they eat whilst there.

The food on offer at the House of Lords ranges from full luxurious 3 course meals to canteen food. Even the more lavish food on offer is at reasonable prices, with an average main course setting them back around £14. A peer could eat very well during a day at the House of Lords and the price they would pay would hardly put a hole in the £300 a week we already pay them.

As many of the peers are millionaires it is hard to see how any right minded person could think that squandering this great amount of money to make sure the wealthy lords can afford to eat is acceptable. In this age of government austerity many working class families are living on shoe string budgets even relying on food banks to prevent them from starving. But forget that, Lord Heseltine needs his £9.50 roast of the day; surely he’ll need some financial help with as he’s only worth around £200million.

£84 a week on top of the ridiculous sum of cash already available to the Lords is £13 more than job seekers allowance. The priorities and morality of the people in charge is so wrong it is hard to see how they are been allowed to stay in a position where they can do this.

These people are taking us for a ride. The sheer arrogance and smugness of them thinking they are entitled to this money highlights the fact they are simply making lucrative careers out of the problems that plague the ordinary British people every day. They do not care about us yet we let them decide and dictate our lives. The much publicised expenses scandal in 2009 seems to have learnt us nothing.

From the day the “we are all in this together” tripe was churned out people have scoffed at it. This however shows just how much of a joke that statement really is and just how much of a joke these people see our lives as. A drastic overhaul of our government is needed with the power taken from the hands of these greedy crooks and given to the people. This is the only way we can move forward at this difficult time together and protect every single person’s interests rather than the privileged few that routinely exploit us.