Build the party of the Revolutionary Communists of America!

If you want to fight for revolution, then you need to join the communists and get organized!

Millions can see that the world is on fire and the clear conclusion is that we need a revolution. The only force capable of transforming society is the organized and mobilized working class. But in order to fight and win, we need to build a revolutionary communist party.

Members of the International Marxist Tendency in the US are working to establish this party. The launch of the Revolutionary Communists of America on February 25, 2024 sparked a massive response from workers and youth around the world.

The overwhelming enthusiasm with which the announcement was received—with hundreds of communists applying to join our new party within the first week—is proof that there are thousands of revolutionary communists in the US ready to organize and fight for revolution.

If you’re a communist and you’re committed to the overthrow of capitalism in our lifetime, then the Revolutionary Communists of America is your party. Now is the time for action.

Why communists study Marxism

Communists must study Marxist ideas, the only set of ideas which can explain the crisis of capitalism scientifically.

Communism is not just a good idea or an identity. Communists dedicate their lives to conquering Marxist ideas, intervening in the class struggle, and fighting for revolution.

We proudly stand on the ideas of genuine Marxism, represented by Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Trotsky.

Marxism is “scientific socialism,” a way of understanding the world, in order to change it. We begin by analyzing the real developments that are taking place under capitalism, and the forces which drive the system into crisis.

Build the Party of the Revolutionary Communists of America

The only force capable of transforming society is the organized and mobilized working class. The workers are now on the move, in the US and internationally.

To channel all of that energy into victory, we need a mass communist party. As Leon Trotsky explained: “The historical crisis of mankind is reduced to the crisis of the revolutionary leadership.”

The International Marxist Tendency has made outstanding progress in the recent period, growing by leaps and bounds. However, the pace of history is accelerating and we urgently need to expand our forces.

The building of a revolutionary organization—in the US and around the world—is the burning question; not in the remote future, but now. We are determined to carry out this historic task. But in order to achieve it, we need you.

The RCA will hold its founding Congress this summer, and soon we will have a new paper and a new website at

Join today to become a founding member of the RCA and help organize your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors in the fight for the socialist revolution!





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